Bariatric surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that is an effective tool to combat obesity. Using 3 to 5 tiny laparoscopic incisions, the surgeon alters the reduces the stomach size, and in some cases, adjusts the digestive tract. The primary goal for weight loss surgery is to reduce excess weight and reverse comorbidities. In losing weight, fat-fueled health problems like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and sleep apnea are often improved or even cured long-term.

WebMD published in a 2019 study which states, “as many as 7 out of 10 people with type 2 diabetes can achieve long-term disease remission after undergoing bariatric surgery.”

Real Success Stories & Testimonials

Mexico Bariatric Center works with an exclusive network of surgeons and specialists that have world-renown success rates and thousands of patients shedding 70% to 100% of excess weight in just 18 to 24 months post-surgery.* Below are some of our recent patient transformations and bariatric surgery testimonials from patients who are thriving as a result of taking the first step.

Martin Before and After Success Story

“Confidence boost”

It’s been YEARS since I felt great in my skin. I would normally hide from photos or videos. I would hate every photo I took of myself. I just couldn’t identify with the person I saw in my reflection. Not anymore! 😊


Martin Before and After Success Story

“Loving the new me”

I will never go back to being that person in the first picture ever again! Feeling good today!💖💪 Almost 4 years post-op.


Martin Before and After Success Story

“I am reborn”

Tomorrow marks one year since I paid a guy to rip 85% of my stomach out of a tiny hole in my abdomen. Hands down, best decision I’ve ever made.


Martin Before and After Success Story

“Living our dream life”

He was pushing 400+ lbs and I was well over 300+ lbs myself. We were not happy. We took the big plunge of getting VSG to help us over the finish line. We completely turned our lives around. This is truly the life we’ve always wanted and we’re here living out our dreams. Dr. Valenzuela, you are the 💣. We love all of MBC!!!


Martin Before and After Success Story

“Got my life back!”

I can’t even begin to tell you the mental, emotional, and even spiritual changes I’ve been blessed with aside from the physical changes while on this journey. Hands down the best decision I could have made. Getting my life back feels good.


Martin Before and After Success Story

“No regrets”

It’s been 2 years since surgery and I can’t even believe it!! Still feels like yesterday! I was scared to death to travel to Mexico alone for weight loss surgery but boy was it the best decision I’ve ever made in my life!!!


Taylor before and after bariatric surgery

“Self improvements”

12/24 was my 4 months post-op!! I have found so much self-love 💖 and confidence during this journey.


Issa before and after bariatric surgery

“Improved my health”

5 months post-op today. I’m 96 lbs thinner and I turned 40 a week ago. This is all I wanted. To be a healthy woman in my 40s and beyond. My only regret is I didn’t do this sooner. Thank you MBC for changing my life.


Martin Before and After Success Story

“Amazing progress”

I feel super confident in my body for the first time in my adult life and I wish I would’ve done this sooner!! I am in amazement at the progress through these last few months and how my body has changed.


Virginia & Jeff before and after bariatric surgery

“Saved my life”

Jeff’s personal cardiologist said this saved his life! More importantly, his type 2 diabetes is cured and he feels fantastic! The two of us knew we needed help and we began researching and came upon Mexico Bariatric Centers website and jumped at the opportunity to do it as a couple.

Virginia & Jeff

Crystal before and after bariatric surgery

“Traveled alone”

I am 5’2 and was feeling the effects of being overweight so for my 34th birthday, my dad called and told me to schedule my surgery, 3 weeks later I was there during covid, traveled alone, but it was the best decision I ever made.


Jamie before and after bariatric surgery

“Happy & blessed”

I had my sleeve surgery about 2 years ago. It has changed my life for the best in so many different ways. I’m so happy and blessed with the results I have had. Best decision I could ever make. It gave me my life back


Jessalyn before and after bariatric surgery

“Smaller flight suit”

Finally broke down and got a smaller flight suit today and man, it felt so good. I’m no longer a nervous wreck about not making weight at my monthly base weigh-in. So thankful for Dr. Gutierrez and MBC for my new life!


Martin Before and After Success Story

“Life changing”

I reached my goal weight at 8 months! Went from size 16 to size 2 😳


Deb before and after bariatric surgery

“Can’t believe it!”

Today marks 1 whole year since I’ve had WLS and my god look at that transformation!!! I’ve struggled a lot but have learned even more along the way 💪🏽 Blessed is an understatement. Thanks, MBC!


“Best decision ever!”

Now I am able to see the person on the right, the one my husband sees. 🥰 Thank you, MBC for helping me change my life for the better!!

Echo Shelton

Jerrod Before and After Success Story

“I feel amazing”

Today is my 1-year surgiversary. I have lost 180 lbs since I started my journey. I am off my blood pressure meds and no longer dealing with constant back and leg pains. I run 5k’s and lift weights several times each week. I am finally living life. The only regret is not making this decision sooner.

Jerrod Jarvis

Elizabeth - Gastric Sleeve Before and After Picture

“Great experience”

I’ve already encouraged my sister and a friend to use MBC with my same surgeon, Dr. Gutierrez because I’m so happy with my journey!

Elizabeth R.

Toni Before and After Success Story

“Honest & trustworthy”

Thank you to MBC for giving me my life and confidence back! Very honest and trustworthy staff! I have a friend considering the gastric sleeve. I told her my story but let’s hear some other people’s opinions. Thank you ✨


Barbara Before and After Success Story

“A new beginning”

I was 4’10 and my pre-sleeve weight was 213lbs and size 20/22.  Finally, after 5 years, I am a size 0/2 and weigh 117-121. It has taken me forever but I thought of each day as a new beginning. This whole process is a journey! Love yourself and don’t give up!! It doesn’t happen overnight.


Vicky Before and After Success Story

“Best decision I ever made”

I decided 3 1/2 years ago to get sleeved and it has been the best decision I have ever made concerning my health. I am a healthy 64-year old who loves life again. My highest weight was 230 and today I am 140. My goal weight is 135. I am very grateful for Mexico Bariatric Center and Dr. Valenzuela.


Martin Before and After Success Story

“Love this gift”

Today is my Surgeyvarsary!!!
Heaviest: 316
Today: 196
Goal Weight: 185
The best decision I have ever made. The only thing I regret is waiting as long as I did. Love this gift!!


Chrissy Before and After Success Story

“I love me again.”

2 years ago on the left and yesterday on the right. I cannot find pics of me unless people took them without me knowing because I was so distraught with my body. I have regained my bearings and I am proud to say I love me. But never give up on yourself. You’re worth this journey! Believe in something, believe in yourself!


Rheid Before and After Success Story

“DO IT!”

Almost one full year out! Down 186 pounds I’m 5’10 and 227 pounds. I wanted to post to encourage anyone who is feeling uneasy or not sure about this surgery to DO IT. The confidence you build during this journey is insane. I could never imagine going back to the girl on the left. I still have more weight I wish/hope to lose but I feel great as I am. Thankful for this tool!


JanieGastric Sleeve Surgery
“Thank you Dr. G. for saving my health and my husband for all his support! I’m loving the loser bench life!”
MirissaGastric Sleeve Surgery
“Still crazy to see a 100lb difference!!!! I feel AMAZING!!!!!!”
CarmaGastric Sleeve Surgery
“The staff Mi Doctors Hospital, Dr. Gutierrez, nurses, surgery coordinator, and drivers were the most caring people I ever met! Thank you for taking good care of me and my mom!”
AmieGastric Sleeve Surgery
“Thank you Dr. Gutierrez for changing my life!!”
NikkiGastric Sleeve Surgery
“Today I am 4 months post-op. I’m down 101 pounds from my highest weight, and 56 since surgery. Best decision I have ever made for myself.”
StacyGastric Sleeve Surgery
“It’s almost my one-year surgiversary. I was sleeved by Doctor Rodriguez on January 13th, 2019. My youngest daughter just got married in December 28 and I bought a new dress. Amazing differences, 4 months post-op vs 11 months post-op. SW 198, GW 130, CW 111. Thank you MBC and Dr. Rodriguez!”
TracyGastric Bypass Surgery
“One year ago. I will never look back.”
BirdyMini Gastric Bypass
“In 2011 I got hit by an 18-wheeler, had to learn to walk again, gained a lot of weight, went through depression, physical therapy, surgery, and I lost my job of 10 years while I was pregnant, got divorced…But guess what? I found myself after all that! And I’ll never pity myself again.”
AmandaGastric Sleeve Surgery
“One year and 3-month post-op today. Thank you so much for giving me my life back Dr. Valenzuela! 5’4 HW: 245 SW: 225 CW: 130”
JordanGastric Sleeve Surgery
“So I started my road to health in May 2018 weighing a total of 520lbs and had the Gastric Sleeve in July 2018. I managed to lose 74.5lbs before surgery. And since I have lost a total of 200lbs with a goal to weigh 220lbs (which is another 100lbs) by May 2019.”
RebeccaGastric Sleeve Surgery
“Woohoo, happy 1 year birthday my tummy!! Today Mark’s 1 year where my friend and I took the plunge and changed our lives at MBC!!! Happy 1 year to us!!! Never thought I’d get to be a slim bride!!! 119lbs gone forever!”
KaityGastric Sleeve Surgery
“Thank you Mexico Bariatric Center for making me feel myself again! Almost 6 months out and 12 lbs away from losing 100lbs from my HEAVIEST weight last year.”
TaylorGastric Sleeve Surgery
“I stumbled upon the picture on the left and my jaw hit the floor…so unflattering! I had my boyfriend take a similar one of me that night so I could do a side by side and I felt much better ?. Best decision ever!”
TonyGastric Sleeve Surgery
“Only you can determine the outcome. 2 years ago that was me. 400 lbs and miserable”
KalynGastric Sleeve Surgery
“Healthier habits, healthier life. July 2018 (surgery date) my weight was 270lbs and this picture was taken Jan 30th I am 168#!! I went from a size 18/20 to 6/8! I’m eating healthier and working out 5 days a week. I feel amazing and am so thankful for everyone at Mexico Bariatric Center!”
TiffanyGastric Bypass Surgery
“Just wanted to share some progress that I can cry over. RNY has been one of the best life changing choices I’ve made. I’m finally figuring out who I am. I was pushing 220lbs in January 2018. April 2018 (surgery day) I was weighing 205lbs wearing a size 20/22. Today I weigh 148lbs and wear a size 9/10 (I’m 4” 11). I’m so close to my goal weight. I feel like a whole new person. I actually love going out now!”
VickiGastric Sleeve Surgery
“I decided 3 1/2 years ago to get sleeved and it has been the best decision I have ever made concerning my health. I am a healthy 64-year old who loves life again. My highest weight was 230 and today I am 140. My goal weight is 135. I am very grateful for Mexico Bariatric Center and Dr. Valenzuela.”
AngieGastric Sleeve Surgery
“OK guys here is me now ?
surgery on 3/28/16 with Dr. G
I’m 5’6 – SW 230 – CW 135
I have been dealing with the mental side of it thinking I look fat even tho I’m a size 3 to 5 it’s hard from being a 1 …”

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Before and After Weight Loss Pictures

Gastric Sleeve Pictures

Gastric Sleeve Patient Photos

The stories below are of both men and women who have transformed their lives through gastric sleeve surgery. We are so fortunate to be a part of their journey.

Bariatric Surgery Patient Photos

Bariatric Surgery Patient Photos

Mexico Bariatric Center has helped thousands of patients lose weight. We share these amazing pictures to help aid others to achieve long-term weight loss success.

Gastric Bypass Patient Photos

Gastric Bypass Patient Photos

Here are past patients who have made great progress following gastric bypass surgery. We are lucky to follow their lifestyle changes and incredible progress.

Individual Patient Success Stories

Paul's Gastric Sleeve Surgery Story - VSG at Mexico Bariatric Center

Paul’s Life-Saving Transformation

I thought that I was meant to heavy the rest of my life. Mexico Bariatric Center sets you up for success beyond what you find in the United States.

Husband and Wife Gastric Sleeve Surgery Success Story

A Couple Undergo Weight Loss Surgery Together

A husband and wife turn to Mexico to achieve weight loss success and overcome health problems like Type II Diabetes.

Jay Gastric Sleeve Patient Weight Loss Success Testimonial

Jay’s Perfect Bariatric Surgery Vacation

I was 39. I was so unhealthy. There was a huge list of obesity-related items that were ticking time bombs in my body.

Esther's Epic Gastric Sleeve Surgery Vlog

Esther’s Epic Gastric Sleeve Surgery Vlog

My Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico was completed by Dr. Louisana Valenzuela on September 1, 2016. I started 2016 with lingering pregnancy ‘baby-weight’ at 267 lbs. Now I am 177.4 lbs.

Rusty Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico Success Story

Rusty’s Inspiring Journey

The cost in the U.S. is very prohibitive (even with insurance). So nevertheless I stumbled on Mexico Bariatric Center – which was clearly the best choice for weight loss surgery in Mexico.

Lisa's Story Helping Others

Lisa’s Story & How She Helps Others

I underwent surgery in August. I was always scared to do it, but at that time, I knew I had to. I was a size 24, and now, after seven months, I’ve lost 88 pounds and now fitting into a size 6!

Maria's Total Transformation

Maria’s Total Transformation

My journey started way before Nov 6th, 2014 – as a 42-year-old mom of two and a wonderful husband. My life was always on the go, which got much too comfortable and food became part of my lifestyle.

Amie Gastric Sleeve Patient Advice Testimonial

Amie Gastric Sleeve Patient Advice Testimonial

We live in a world where everyone wants instant gratification… Heck, I am guilty of that. And having weight loss surgery sure does in several ways give you that… But in the long-term you have to be willing to do the work, make the changes, and be accountable.

Erica's A to Z Experience with Mexico Bariatric Center

Erica’s A to Z Experience at MBC

Erica has lost over 75 pounds, and she has referred several family members to MBC. She was nervous about planning her trip but went with a companion for additional peace of mind. It was the best decision she ever made.

Lydia's In-Depth Experience with Mexico Bariatric Center

Lydia’s In-Depth Experience and Life Story

We live in a world where everyone wants instant gratification… Heck, I am guilty of that. And having weight loss surgery sure does in several ways give you that… But in the long-term you have to be willing to do the work, make the changes, and be accountable.

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