weight loss surgery and pregnancyWhen it comes to choosing a bariatric surgery, a common concern is how this kind of procedure will affect pregnancy and a child’s health. Because your stomach and digestive system are changed so drastically after a weight loss procedure, it is recommended to postpone pregnancy at least 12 to 18 months, possibly even 2 years after bariatric surgery. If you are still losing this much weight during pregnancy, it may deny essential nutrients from a developing baby and cause low birth weight. However, this does not mean that bariatrics isn’t a good option for current and future mothers.

Medline Plus has recently reported a connection between weight loss surgery in women and the benefits to their children later on in life. Genetics research determined that women who had undergone weight-loss surgery can lead to healthier hearts in their future children.

Can Weight Loss Surgery Affect Future Children?

Research has shown that women who gave birth to a child both before and after having weight loss surgery saw a difference in the health of their older children versus their younger children. While studies on this subject are not definitive, there is a link between a mother’s weight and the future health of that child.

Babies Born to Gastric Surgery MomsA new study by Laval University theorized that weight loss surgery ultimately changes the genes of a child. Researchers observed 50 children from 20 different mothers, all of whom had weight loss surgery either before or after pregnancy. Their tests proved that children who were born after their mother had weight loss surgery were healthier than children who were born before weight loss surgery.

Physical Differences

The physical differences between children born after their mother had her weight loss surgery and children born before weight loss surgery are clear. The children who were born before their mother had the surgery weighed more and had larger hips and waists. Children who were born after their mother had weight loss surgery had lower blood pressure and faster insulin levels than their counterparts.

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How can Weight Loss Surgery in Men affect their Children?

Family after bariatric surgeryResearchers are still trying to determine if male weight loss patients before becoming fathers can have the same effect on their children as mothers. Nonetheless, it is a working theory that children born after weight loss surgery are exposed to healthier foods than if they were born beforehand. This may be why children born to mothers after this surgery are healthier than children who were born before.

Only time will tell if there is a stronger link between weight loss surgery in both women and men and the health of their future children. However, do not let pregnancy discourage you from searching out bariatric options if you are dealing with diabetes, depression or other symptoms of obesity. By properly having the surgery 12-18 months before pregnancy, you can be helping not only yourself but also the people around you adopt a healthier and stronger lifestyle, including your family and friends.

*In general, patients need to take bariatric-specific vitamins, like Emerge Bariatrics, and prenatal vitamins daily, which is even more important when they are pregnant. Based on the type of procedure, other supplements such as vitamins A, vitamin B-12, vitamin D, iron, calcium, and folic acid should also be taken before and during pregnancy.

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