Mexico Bariatric Center® is a family-owned, U.S.-based corporation whose entire foundation is built on providing high patient satisfaction and weight loss results. Our accredited bariatric center is located in Tijuana, Mexico, just a short drive from San Diego, California.

Our Mission is to provide safe and affordable bariatric procedures to fight the obesity pandemic. MBC works with the best board-certified bariatric surgeons in Mexico and operates within a certified, state-of-the-art hospital facility with an emphasis on patient care and support.

We believe it’s more than just providing a surgical procedure. That’s why we include a nutritionist, medical expert, and an amazing support group as a part of our all-inclusive package.

Andi Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery Before and After

Ron Elli, Ph.D., with Dr. Gutierrez and Past Patients in Canada Seminar

YouTube Star Chooses Mexico Bariatric Center

Gastric revision patient shares her experience on why she selected Mexico Bariatric Center. See her journey on shopping for weight loss surgery in Mexico.

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17 Reasons Why Patients Choose Mexico Bariatric Center


1. Personalized Patient Care

Every patient is assigned to one of our U.S.-based Patient Coordinators so you don’t get passed from person to person. This provides personalized support and creates a real relationship that most of our competitors don’t offer. Your Patient Coordinator will be by your side throughout the entire process.


2. Board-Certified Bariatric Surgeons

We work with the best bariatric surgeons in all of Mexico. Out of only nine board-certified surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico Bariatric Center has three of them working exclusively on our team. Most of our surgeons have trained in the U.S. and each of them has lower complication rates than what is recorded in the United States.


3. Daily Surgery Limit

Our Board-Certified Surgeons are limited to no more than 4 surgeries per day (in most cases only 3). Nearly all of our competitors, or any facility in general, do not place surgery limitations on their surgeons, which usually leads to higher complication rates for patients. This is one of the major reasons we have such a high success rate.


4. Experienced in All Types of Weight Loss Procedures

We always have your desired surgeon perform the entire surgery, which so many other providers don’t. Instead of an assistant, intern, or surgeon in training performing your procedure, we never put profit over your life and safety. MBC’s skilled team of surgeons is experienced in Laparoscopic and Endoscopic procedures – Gastric Sleeve, Endo Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Duodenal Switch, Gastric Balloon, and Revision of Failed Surgeries.


5. Certified Hospital with ICU

Mexico Bariatric Center works with only top-quality hospital facilities in Tijuana, Mexico. Hospital Mi Doctor is a full-service hospital (not clinic) that has an Intensive Care Unit (ICU). We use state-of-the-art operating rooms and medical grade equipment.


6. Easy 1-2-3 Scheduling for Surgery

You can quickly get approved and scheduled for surgery as opposed to the long wait times in other countries such as the United States and Canada.


7. Support Webinars

We host monthly Support Webinars to help all our clients prepare not just for their upcoming surgery, but long after. These webinars, hosted by our CEO, coordinators, and nutritionists, help our customers maximize their weight loss. All attendees are also entered in our raffle for $2,000 OFF* their weight loss procedure.


8. Informational Webinars & Seminars

We market and host informational bariatric seminars in cities across the United States and Canada! Our past patients drive hours to show up and support us. We are all like a family connected to each other (MBC Family). These seminars are on hold because of COVID-19.


9. MTA Certified

MBC is a Medical Tourism Association (MTA) Certified Member as well as a Certified Medical Tourism Professional. Medical Tourism Association is the leading organization for medical tourism operators.


10. California-Based Corporation / BBB Member

Mexico Bariatric Center is a United States corporation based in California. MBC is a member of Better Business Bureau (BBB) with A rating. MBC’s main office is located in Folsom, CA just east of Sacramento.


11. Over 10 Years in Medical Tourism

Founder and CEO of MBC, Ron Elli, Ph.D., has been involved in bariatric medical tourism in Mexico since 2007. Dr. Elli is familiar with medical facilities in Puerta Vallarta, Guadalajara, Cabo, Monterrey, and Cancun, Mexico as well as San Jose, Costa Rica.


12. Low Complication Risks

MBC Surgeons Have Very Low Complication Rates. MBC surgeon’s complication rate is 80% lower than the one published in the United States. MBC surgeons boast no complications or major incidents for bariatric patients in 2017.


13. Highly Reviewed and Recommended by Patients

Mexico Bariatric Center has stellar reviews and over 97% of Our Patients Would Recommend Us To Their Friends. MBC’s name is associated with quality care and most our of patients are referrals from the past patients.


14. Great Surgery Results

MBC surgeons are skillful in doing gastric sleeve surgery and other gastric surgeries for best results. Our stats for Gastric Sleeve speak for themselves: 1 Month Weight-Loss is 22.5 lbs, 3 Month Weight-Loss is 41.53 lbs.


15. Life-Long Care and Support

Our surgeon liaison and nutritionist provide before and after-surgery guidance. MBC’s Facebook group offers fantastic support as a part of an impeccable pre- and post-operative nutrition program.


16. Patient Information Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. We implement security measures to maintain trust and privacy. We use HIPAA compliant forms to protect patient information. We’ve helped thousands of Patients Achieve Weight Loss Success. Learn MoreContact us to see what weight loss surgery can do for you and what we have to offer.

FMLA Family Medical Leave Act Paperwork

17. We Fill Out FMLA and Return to Work Forms

We help fill out your FMLA Paperwork so you can have everything in place when you undergo surgery.

Would You Recommend MBC to a Friend?

Mexico Bariatric Center’s success is owed to its loyal patient community and dedicated staff. We thrive on referrals as more than 50% of the new patients are recommended by our past patients. We asked our gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, mini bypass, duodenal switch, and revision surgery patients if they’d refer Mexico Bariatric Center to a Friend.

Over 97% of respondents say they would recommend MBC to a friend!

MBC’s award-winning patient coordinators in the U.S. as well as Mexico, skilled and experienced surgical teams, fully-equipped bariatric hospital, before and after care with our surgeon liaison and nutritionist, and years of experience in medical tourism contribute to patients’ experience and success.

Join our family and become our next success story! We will help you through this life-changing journey!!!

Our All Inclusive Package Includes;

Mexico Bariatric Center All Inclusive Package