According to the WHO, worldwide obesity has nearly tripled since 1975. The numbers reflected in statistical data have grown as excessive body weights sweep the globe. Obesity has impacted more than one-third of the United States population alone.

Studies often look at obesity statistics to determine how countries around the globe rank for being unhealthy. However, obesity alone is not a means of measuring overall health. Recently, Clinic Compare (UK) did a study on 179 countries using three parameters:

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Tobacco use
  • Prevalence of obesity

All three of these factors have their own equally serious set of health-related risks.

Most Eastern European countries made it to the list for drinking and smoking. While Americans, Canadians, and the Oceania region came out as one of the “fattest countries in the world” due to their high obesity rates.

Unhealthiest Countries in the World Rankings

10a. The United States of America

The United States is tied with Lithuania for the 10th position due to its obesity problems and because the U.S. has one of the highest rates of adiposity in the world. Over half of Americans are affected by obesity as well as obesity-related illnesses and diseases.

All the processed high-fructose corn syrup and fast foods are showing in people’s waistlines and mortality rates, as obesity is the leading cause of preventable deaths.

Top 10 Unhealthiest Countries. Woman eating french fries

10b. Lithuania

Tied with the United States for 10th place, obesity is increasing among adolescents in Lithuania. Unhealthy diets and low physical exercise are contributing factors to obesity in Lithuania. Lithuanians consume 18.2 liters of alcohol each year, on average, per person. This amount is the highest amount of alcohol consumed in the top 10 countries on the list. Life expectancy in Lithuania is below average among European Union nations.

Lithuania - Top 10 Unhealthiest Countries in the world

9. Luxembourg

Luxembourg residents are at risk of death due to harmful behaviors like tobacco use and consuming alcohol. In addition to drinking and smoking, unhealthy nutrition contributes to nearly 25% of the population being obese.

Luxembourg - Top 10 Unhealthiest Countries in the world

8. Poland

Poland is yet another Eastern European country to make the top-10 list. On average, each resident smokes 1,369 cigarettes/e-cigarettes yearly and drinks 12.3 liters of pure alcohol. Obesity among Polish children has grown by 130% since 1990.

Poland - Top 10 Unhealthiest Countries

7. Croatia

Croatia is one of the world’s unhealthiest countries, with premature and preventable deaths attributable to alcohol and tobacco use. Croatian consume an average of 13.6 liters of alcohol per person on a yearly basis. They rank 8th in the most obese countries, with 56% of their population overweight or obese.

Croatia - Top 10 Unhealthiest Countries in the world
Budapest Hungary - Hungarian Parliament Building at night - Mexico Bariatric Center

6. Hungary

Hungary is home to stunning architecture, but even this beautiful place has its health issues. They have a high rate of obesity as well as harmful alcohol and tobacco use. Each person smokes 1,774 cigarettes annually, placing Hungary at number 6 on the list.

5. Slovakia

The Slovakia Republic has about 27% of its population documented as obese. Residents of Slovakia are also ranked as the 9th highest consumers of alcohol. Obesity, smoking, and alcohol are shortening Slovakians’ lifespans.

Kosice Centre Košice Slovakia Theatre Slovakia

4. Belarus

Alcohol and tobacco are leading preventable death risks for the citizens of Belarus. The landlocked country in eastern Europe, Belarus comes in 4th place for alcohol and tobacco consumption. Tuberculosis (TB) and HIV/AIDS are other diseases that imposing a major threat to public health in Belarus.

Belarus - Top 10 Unhealthiest Countries

3. Slovenia

More than 20% of Slovenian adults and adolescents are overweight or obese. Smoking and drinking rank above average across EU countries. Slovenia residents smoke a staggering 2,637 cigarettes each year on average (the 6th biggest consumers of tobacco).

Slovenia - Top 10 Unhealthiest Countries in the world

2. Russia

Russian Federation (Russia), located in Eurasia, is the largest country by the surface in the world. It also is the 9th most populous. Russia came in 2nd place on the list, with some of the most unhealthy residents on the planet. On average, they drink 13.7 liters of alcohol and smoke 2,690 cigarettes each person a year. 30% of all deaths in Russia are alcohol-related.

Russia - Top 10 Unhealthiest Countries in the world

1. The Czech Republic

America - Top 10 Unhealthiest - Czech RepublicThe Czech Republic is the unhealthiest country in the world, with the nation’s citizens emerging as some of the heaviest drinkers. Each person drinks 13.7 liters ( the equivalent of 550 shots) of alcohol annually on average.

Buried in the heart of Central Europe, the Czech Republic has Europe’s best beer. Over the generations, beer has evolved from a heavy and thick to a lighter, refreshing beverage. After communism ended for the Czech people, a big part of their newly won freedom was the freedom to enjoy drinking their beer. Beer is consumed with a sense of ownership. Beer halls are an integral part of the city and a place for people to socialize with good conversation and friendship.

Unhealthy vs. Obese

All three of these factors have their own equally serious set of health-related risks. Let’s have a look at some of these risks.

What are the Risks of Alcohol Consumption?

Moderate consumption of alcohol has its health benefits and drawbacks. However, heavy drinking is detrimental to one’s health. Some negative effects associated with large amounts of alcohol are the increased risk of:Top 10 Unhealthiest Countries. Glasses of alcohol.

  • Neuropsychiatric impairment
  • Early-Onset Dementia
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Malnutrition
  • Chronic pancreatitis
  • Liver disease
  • Cancer
  • Pancreatitis
  • Ulcers

Chronic alcohol abuse and alcoholism are also major risks capable of damaging nearly every organ and system in the body.

Note: The relationship between alcohol and weight is not yet resolved conclusively. But from what has been conducted so far, few studies show weight loss from drinking in comparison to how many show weight gain.

What are the Risks of Smoking?

Top 10 Unhealthiest Countries. Person holding a cigarette and cup of coffee. Cigarette smoking has detrimental effects on one’s health. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States, outranking HIV, illegal drug use, alcohol, motor vehicle injuries, and firearm-related incidents combined, causing 9 out of 10 deaths brought on by lung cancer. Smoking also causes an increased risk of several life-threatening health issues, such as:

  • Coronary heart disease (2 to 4 times increase in risk)
  • Stroke (2 to 4 times increase in risk)
  • Lung cancer (25 times increase in men, 25.7 times increase in women)
  • Respiratory diseases – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Poor bone health
  • Bladder, blood, cervix, colon, liver, and stomach cancers

Learn more: Here is why you should quit smoking if you are obese

What are the Risks of Obesity?

Obesity is measured by Body Mass Index (BMI), a formula that divides weight by height. An ideal BMI for adults is under 25. BMI of higher than 25 is considered overweight, while a BMI of over 30 is considered obese. Obesity can cause health-related problems like:

The social stigma of being “fat” and how it affects all aspects of life, including sex life, are also important to note.

COVID-19 magnified the global obesity problems

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Unhealthy Countries vs. Healthiest Countries

According to research, Afghanistan was reported as the healthiest country, with a 2.7% obesity rate. On the other hand, Samoa is ranked first for obesity, with 41.6% of the population obese. The Czech Republic is the unhealthiest country in the world, mainly due to alcoholism.

The United Kingdom came 19th on the list overall as Britons (British people) are the 9th heaviest drinkers in the world. Canada was placed 14th for its 30% obesity rate.

Top 10 Healthiest Countries Infographic - Mexico Bariatric Center


The COVID-19 pandemic forced countries to embrace strict measures, such as quarantine and lockdowns. The social isolation led to excessive use of addictive substances, such as alcohol/tobacco and cannabis.

While alcohol, smoking, and obesity are big risks to everybody’s health, they are not all we should look out for. Our overall health is affected by a large array of factors, including:

  • Physically active vs. sedentary lifestyle
  • Sugar intake
  • Stress management
  • Sleep habits
  • Sun exposure
  • Hereditary issues
  • Work environment

But this definitely does bring to light just how serious a risk different lifestyle habits, not just excess weight, can place your health and life at serious risk.



Overview: According to research, Afghanistan was reported as the healthiest country with a 2.7% obesity rate. On the other hand, Samoa is ranked first for obesity with 41.6% of the population being obese. The Czech Republic is the unhealthiest country in the world, mainly due to their alcohol consumption. The United Kingdom came 19th on the list overall as Britons are the 9th heaviest drinkers. Canada was placed 14th for its 30% obesity rate.